Then I feel Happy :)

There is not many things for me
The only goal is Just being happy 
I feel happy when the sun shines
I feel happy when people smiles..
I feel happy when the summer arrives
I feel happy when the weak tree survives...

I don't want many for feeling happy
As I  feel happy when the kids are merry
İ feel happy when I find some blueberry
I feel happy when I am not in a hurry
I feel happy when the sky is starry

I don't really need so much for happiness
Just kindness and the goodness...
I just need the only prettiness
To be grace to the homeless
and I feel happy if hopeless survives
And I feel  happy if the wars just stops

I  can bear too many things
I don't care about anything
Just want to be happy with something
Becouse I feel happy from every single  nice thing...

P.S It was for my creative writing class :) This is called a list poem and one of my first tries :) Guess you liked it...

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Fatya dedi ki...

zoooooor yeri var braaat eladi =) dux istiyir =)

Eltac Hesenova dedi ki...

sagol canik :D
bidenesen :)))))))))